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Here at Dancexclusive our aim is to provide many aspects of performing arts to a wide variety of age groups in Craigieburn. We encourage physical fitness, teamwork, participation and above all, enjoyment. Classes offered at Dancexclusive include, Jazz, Hip Hop (boys and girls), Ballet (A.T.O.D), Tap, Lyrical and Acrobatics. Performing is an excellent way to build self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of achievement. We hope you enjoy your time with us and find it a beneficial and rewarding experience.


Our classes are held at Mt Ridley College in Essex Way Craigieburn 3064. We hold classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturdays. The Dancexclusive Directors meet in January to discuss class placement and new student enrolments. We only have one intake per year. 

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Concerts - June and November

Our concerts are held at the Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre, 35 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang. Terms 1 and 2 work towards our mid-year concert 'RAW'. Students are asked to organise their own costumes and are allocated a certain theme/colour. Terms 3 and 4 work towards our end of year concert. Dancexclusive will purchase/make all of the costumes for this show and are included in the Term 4 account.

Show Dates for 2022

Mid Year Rehearsal Date TBC

Mid Year Performances TBC

      End of Year Rehearsal Date TBC

        End of Year Performance Date TBC

Concert Ticket Sales

All of our concert tickets can be purchased online via www.pracc.com.au

  • All ticket prices are TBC (No Pensioner/Senior discounts available).

  • Infants aged 12 months or under may be in the arms of a carer. Any persons aged over 12 months require a ticket.

  • Please note ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

  • Tickets are unlimited.  (Both shows require a separate ticket)

  • Both shows are available for all families.

  • Seats are allocated therefore those purchasing early will have their choice of seating position.

  • Students performing will not be allowed into the audience during the concert therefore will not require a ticket.


Term Dates 2022

Term 1 2022

Monday classes: 21st February - 4th April  (7 weeks)

Tuesday classes: 15th February - 5th April (8 weeks)

Saturday classes: 19th February - 9th April (8 weeks)

​Class Policies

  • Students are requested to be punctual, quiet and attentive in all classes to cause minimum disruption. No mobile phones are to be turned on or touched during classes. No chewing gum is allowed. Please provide your child with a drink bottle of water to bring to class.

  • Can the parents of petite and sub junior age groups please ensure their child has been to the toilet (located in the gymnasium) just prior to coming into class as this will avoid disruption to classes and provide quality time for their lesson.

  • No parents (or friends) are allowed in classes except on specially designated days, which will be notified in newsletters.

  • For safety reason we request that no student under 18yrs wait for their parent/guardian outside of the school grounds. Please escort students to the door at the commencement of class and pick them up from our reception at the completion of class. 

  • Students are to be dropped to dancing five minutes before their class. If a student has an hour break in-between classes they are welcome to stay on the premises for this while waiting. If a student has finished their class/classes for the day, they must be collected. They cannot stay and watch their siblings/friends. Please be mindful of this for car pooling purposes.

Class Attire/Footwear


  • Dance pants/bike shorts/black leggings (no tracksuit pants), fitted singlet tops/crop tops/tight tee-shirts or leotards.

  • Hair tied back and off the face.

  • Jewellery is not permitted in class (watches, rings, bracelets etc)

 Hip Hop

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Hair tied back and off the face

  • Jewellery is not permitted in class (watches, rings, bracelets etc)


  • Students’ ballet attire must include the correct colour leotard (see attached document).

  • Hair to be worn in a neat, tight bun at all times.

  • No tee-shirts or tops to be worn over the leotard as this distracts the teachers from working with body alignment.

  • Jewellery is not permitted in class (watches, rings, bracelets etc)           


Class Prices

Fees are charged on a term basis. Invoices are emailed at the beginning of each term. All fees are to be paid by week two of the term.  If you are struggling to make payment by this time please see reception to organise an appropriate payment plan. Prices are as follows:


1 class per week          $15.00

2 classes per week      $28.00 ($14.00 class)

3 classes per week      $39.00 ($13.00 class)

4 classes per week      $48.00 ($12.00 class)

5 classes per week      $55.00 ($11.00 class)

6 classes per week      $60.00 ($10.00 class)


For families with more than one child attending, a further discount of 5% will apply to the total bill for the term.



An additional $8.00 Administration/Dance and Performing Arts insurance fee is payable per student annually and is added to the Term 1 account.


Production Levy

There is a $25.00 production levy per family for the annual end of year performance. This levy contributes to the many rising costs associated with the theatre and show production and is separate from class fees/costume/ticket prices. The production levy will be charged with the Term 3 account.


Refund Policy

We are unable to refund missed classes. In the event of sickness of the teacher or cancellation of any classes, money will be refunded, or arrangements for the class to be made up.

If a student withdraws from the school during the term he/she is still liable for payment of the full fees for the term regardless of how many classes have been attended.


*No student will be allowed to participate in Dancexclusive concerts if any fees are outstanding*