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Class Policies

  • Students are requested to be punctual, quiet and attentive in all classes to cause minimum disruption. No mobile phones are to be turned on or touched during classes. No chewing gum is allowed. Please provide your child with a drink bottle of water to bring to class.

  • Can the parents of petite and sub junior age groups please ensure their child has been to the toilet (located in the gymnasium) just prior to coming into class as this will avoid disruption to classes and provide quality time for their lesson.

  • No parents (or friends) are allowed in classes except on specially designated days, which will be notified in newsletters.

  • For safety reason we request that no student under 18yrs wait for their parent/guardian outside of the school grounds. Please escort students to the door at the commencement of class and pick them up from our reception at the completion of class. 

  • Students are to be dropped to dancing five minutes before their class. If a student has an hour break in-between classes they are welcome to stay on the premises for this while waiting. If a student has finished their class/classes for the day, they must be collected. They cannot stay and watch their siblings/friends. Please be mindful of this for car pooling purposes.